Cross Wall Decor – For All The Areas Of A House

Cross Wall DecorCross wall decor is for every area of your home. Unlike other wall decors, cross wall decor suits wherever it is applied. There is a huge range of variety available in the market when it comes to cross wall decoration. All kinds of sizes, designs and colors are available in the cross wall decoration items. Create compelling focal points within your home with the use of crosses and other wall decor items. Consider the ideas mentioned below to decorate your home walls in a better way.

Cross Wall Decor For Foyer

When you walk in your home, the first area in your sight is the foyer. An inspiring focal point can be created in the foyer with the use of candle wall scones or wall crosses. An interesting looking wall could be the one having an elegant wooden shelf and a huge wrought iron cross above the shelf.  The shelf can be used to place religious figurines, candle jars or floral. You may light the candle jar when you are expecting guests at night to create the special atmosphere.

Cross Wall Decor For Hallway

People make their hallway look like a photo gallery. People hang a lot of items in the hallway area and this is the perfect place for cross wall decoration. A bare hallway can be made compelling with an addition of an elegant looking wall cross. Buy a high quality wall cross that makes your hallway look elegant for years and years.

Cross Wall Decor For Bedroom

Bedrooms have expansive walls and large crosses look fantastic on such walls. Metal cross must be the one when you are looking to decorate your bedroom’s wall. A huge metal cross can be placed on any wall of the bedroom. However, metal cross would look fabulous right over the bed. A metal cross can look fantastic with candle scones or metal plaques on a nearby shelf.

Cross Wall Decor For Dining Room

On a bare dining room wall a wooden cross can enhance the beauty and elegance of the area. The choice of metal or wooden cross must be made by keeping the dining table in mind. Choose the cross that matches the dining table most. You may pick two big crosses if you have two bare walls facing each other. Two walls having huge crosses with a dining table in the centre of the room is the most exceptional way of doing cross wall decor.