Fascinating Butterfly Wall Decor

Butterfly wall decor is all about pink wall art and wall designs. Butterfly decor creates a cute and elegant atmosphere within a particular room. Butterfly decor can be done in only bedrooms as it won’t look good in other areas of the house. The first thing to consider is paint while going for butterfly wall decor. Other items include wall hangings, stickers, paintings and several different designs. You can also get free samples of butterfly wall decor from nearest interior decoration stores so that you can bring these items home and actually plan your design.

butterfly wall decor

  Butterfly Wall Decor Techniques:

Several techniques can be applied when it comes to butterfly wall decor. Mixture of paint and wallpaper can be used to decorate the walls. Wallpaper border can be used to separate two different shades of pink paint on the wall. The lower half of the wall should be painted with dark pink paint whereas the upper half should be painted with light pink paint. Go to the nearest interior designer store to find such wallpaper designs that have butterflies on it. Choose the wallpaper that has the most unique and attractive design.

Usage of Butterfly Wall Decor:

Butterfly wall decor is used to decorate teens’ or nursery rooms. The color pink relates to feminism. Baby girl or teenage girl’s room would look highly attractive with the butterfly wall decor. Several butterfly decor items can be hanged or attached to the walls. Butterfly wall decoration items can be used on girls’ birthday parties as well. Butterfly wall decoration serves the purpose of ornamentation on other occasions as well.

butterfly wall decor

Options For Butterfly Wall Decor

You can create different designs on your room wall with the use of butterfly wall decor. Handcrafted butterfly wall hangings can be placed in bedroom, garden and patio. Some of these wall hanging items are made of metal. Butterfly switch plate covers add a lot to the beauty of butterfly wall decor. Light pink painted wall with dark pink butterfly switch plates would look striking. These butterfly switch plate covers are handcrafted. Butterfly stained glass sun catchers are available in the market. These sun catchers are handmade and add a lot to the style and elegance of your home.
Majority of the butterfly decor items are handcrafted. If you are an artistic person, you can create several butterfly wall decor items yourself.