Tuscan Wall Decor – Creating The Italian Atmosphere

Tuscan wall decor creates the Italian atmosphere within your house. You don’t need to travel across the whole world to experience the Italian country living. You can create such an Italian living atmosphere within your house with Tuscan art.

Tuscan Wall Decor, Warm and Deep

Italian countryside living is supposed to give a warm and rich atmosphere feeling. The Tuscan Mediterranean touch can be gained through Tuscan wall decor, furniture, curtains, fixtures, wine bottles, ceramics, pottery and wall mirrors. The Mediterranean style depicts deep colors and warm tones. The Italian culture is the one which almost everyone in the world wants to experience once in their life. However, with the Tuscan wall decor you can experience the Italian lifestyle every day. This deep and warm tone wall decoration is known to provide sophisticated and soothing effect to the house walls .

tuscan wall decor

Accessories For Tuscan Wall Decor

Start with one or two rooms for the Tuscan wall decor. Find art pieces in the colors of blue, green and brown to place them along the wall to create the Mediterranean atmosphere. A wall mirror is a must thing for a brown painted wall as it will present elegance and style. Tuscan wall art can be best represented with metal tiled walls. These metal tiled walls with a beautiful painting give a scenic sight. The wall can be decorated with racks and shelves. Several items such as ceramics, artwork and wine bottles can be placed on these racks and shelves along the wall. However, you should make sure that every single piece that you tend to place on these rack or shelves must be unique and attractive. The pieces or artwork that you display on these racks or shelves must also expose Tuscan touch.

tuscan wall decor

Italian Pottery For Tuscan Wall Decor

Fine pieces of Italian pottery can be placed on mirrored shelves along the wall for the purpose of  Tuscan wall decor.  Italian pottery presents older and classical look with cracks and aging all over it. Make sure you pick those pieces which suit the wall of your room. Deruta is a famous Italian pottery maker. The pottery pieces by Deruta set the perfect tone of the Tuscan wall decoration. A room with Tuscan wall decoration is incomplete without a pottery item .

Change the atmosphere of your house by bringing in the Tuscan wall decor to feel the warm tone of Italian lifestyle.