Western Wall Decor – Give The Western Touch To Your Home

Western wall decor provides the western impression to your home. Not only in the west but the people living in the east can also decorate their house walls with the western décor. No matter in which part of the world you live, you can apply western wall decor to your house walls to get the western feel. These days it really takes something unique and compelling to wow the people. Western wall decor has the compelling factor within itself to wow you and your guests.

Western Wall Decor

Basic Items For Western Wall Decor

Posters and pictures are the basic items when it comes to western wall decor. Posters and pictures of cowboys, cowboy hats, cowboy boots and horses reflect the western style. Western wall decoration sometimes seems to be on the casual side. Wrought iron cowgirl or cowboy silhouettes are very much in the trend for the wall decoration in the western culture. Other popular silhouettes include Native Americans and horses. Several recycled signs are also used as wall accents in the western part of the world. The cowboy’s home known as the prairie can be used in the form of landscape prints for wall decoration. Landscape prints of blue skies, grassy plains, dusty trail and gauzy clouds can be used to decorate the walls.

Western Wall Decor – Paints and Wood

Wood seems to be an old fashioned way of decorating the walls. However, the western culture still uses wood paneling to create a rustic western touch. Shadow box made of fine wood can look extremely good on any wall. While decorating a wall with wooden items, it must be made sure that the paint matches the wooden pieces. Western décor is all about keeping things casual and rusty.

Western Wall Decor

Western Wall Decor – Symbols and Figures

When it comes to western wall decor, anything with the outlay of Texas and cowboy stuff would serve the particular cause. Figures and symbols of Texas are the best items to represent western style and culture. Native American tribal symbols possess a lot of importance as western wall decoration item. Symbols and figures made of leather, faux leather, fabrics, cow hides, denim and different colors can be used for wall decoration. Colors such as rusty red, vibrant green and earthy brown are the ones to use for creating symbols and figures.
Have western wall decor on your house walls to enjoy the feel of western lifestyle.